Some More Positivity From The Protests!


There is a lot of ugly in the world right now during the protests of George Floyd, but if you check this'll see nothing but beautiful people wanting change. 

Let's start with our Calgary Police!

The Tennessee National Guard showed up in full riot gear to a protest and the protest looked to be peaceful the protesters asked the National Guard to lay their shields down...and they did!

Here are 50 cops taking a knee with protesters in Fayetteville!

A former firefighter in Minnesota opened up a bar and lost everything to looters. People came together to start a GoFundMe for the man and help get all his stuff back!

The Minneapolis Community is coming together to help clean up the streets.

A group of protesters got together to make a chain around a cop and protect him! A 6 Year old made a sign for the George Floyd protests and held her own peaceful protest! Someone's raising this little girl right.
My 6yr old daughter, she sees whats on the news, we explained what happened to George Floyd and she was mortified. Today she made a sign and is doing her own peaceful protest in our front yard. I am so proud! from r/MadeMeSmile
An Officer in Buffalo leads protesters in a song! " A white cop consoles a crying black protester. Look at this...unbelievable Lets just be kind to each other please....