Aritzia Is Going to Start Testing up to Size 16


Rejoice Aritzia! This is such exciting news!

Size inclusivity is extremely important. A lot of people will go through life never knowing what it’s like to not be able to shop at certain stores due to size restrictions. To go through a pile of jeans on a table at a store only to hit the last pair at the bottom and find out that this store only goes up to size 8… and MAYBE there’s a better option for you online, if even. It’s not a great feeling. Artizia is a store that has the most adorable clothes, in the most adorable sizes… literally, so tiny LOL. For this reason, their jump to testing up to size 16 is a really cool thing for them to do, and it’s about time!

Sizing is the weirdest thing on the face of this earth, because it is never consistent. You could be a size 4 in one store and a size 12 in the other. The biggest problem with this is that, if you’re anything like me, you give the size on the tag of your pants way more merit than it deserves. This isn’t a healthy way to be, but it’s the way that we’ve been accidentally conditioned. Of course it’s something to work on but these things take time. So if you are one of those people who gets upset when your clothing sizes vary from store to store, imagine walking into a store that doesn’t carry clothes that fit you AT ALL?

While shopping in stores like Aritzia, this is a major reality for a lot of girls with curves, including myself. There are tons of items in Aritzia that even in their “biggest” sizes I can barely drag them over my butt… and when I do eventually get it over the hump (literally) I can’t move or it’ll rip right off of me. To be fair, some styles are designed for certain body types – but if that “body type” is booty-less then it doesn’t work for every one – you know?!

So far it sounds like Artizia is just testing this out with their well-known Babaton collection in 2020. I mean, it’s a step in the right direction… but size 16 isn’t necessarily where I believe they should be stopping – but again, it’s a start and that’s all we can really ask for.

Thank you Artizia for taking a step in the right direction – can’t wait to see what your new collection has in store!