There’s Going to Be a Huge ‘Drive Thru Grad’ In Calgary for the Class of 2020


Grad is looking like something we’ve never seen before, this year.

If you’re anything like me… it’s been longer than you’d like to admit since your graduated highschool. For me, it was 2011. DANG time flies, doesn’t it? I know times have changed between now and then. Grad ceremonies are likely way more high tech, the dresses being worn now are way more in style than the dress I ever would’ve worn, for sure. Things would be different for the class of 2020 whether there was a pandemic or not. But, guess what? There IS a pandemic, making things more different now than we ever could’ve even cooked up in our imaginations.

The Calgary graduation ceremonies were set to happen anywhere between May and June, and obviously were going to happen individually, school – to – school, the way they always have. The thought of a bunch of people sharing a room in celebration of hard work, while exhilarating, is also an impossible thing to wrap your head around. There is no way they could’ve made it work.

Now that we’ve had some time to work through the quarantine life and find distancing solutions to many of the things we once loved to do… Drive Thru Grad 2020 is doing the exact same thing. You can click HERE to find their website. Basically, they’re planning to do a big drive thru ceremony for anyone who is eligible for it (aka kids from schools that are doing nothing as a replacement for the cancelled ceremonies). It sounds like you get dressed up, get in the car with your family, and do a big drive thru with all of the other grads of 2020 that have signed up.

There’s more info on the website if you sign yourself up… but either way, this is an incredibly heartwarming idea. I love living in a city that does stuff like this.