30 Things I Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Bday: Part 30


It’s the last piece of the puzzle here, the 30th thing I learnt in my 30 years on this planet. I turned 30 yesterday and wanted to wait and post this last one to see if anything changed or I had any magical realizations on my birthday ahha. HOWEVER I will keep it with the original I wanted to go with because I think we forget that this is okay to do and get caught up in the hook up and throw away culture that we currently live in. Remember to Love HARD. Give it your all and don’t be ashamed that you care so deeply for someone. Love is something we’re so lucky to experience and if we’ve experienced it and had it end at least we had it. Not many can say that they’ve had a great love and to experience that at least once in your life time is kind of magic.

Full disclosure I used to be terrified to turn 30. I thought I needed to have all my sh*t figured out and be at a certain point in my career to be deemed successful but the closer I came to hitting this milestone the more I chilled and found other perspective that I hadn’t looked at before and realized I’m right where I’m meant to be and thriving. So if you’re coming up on a milestone birthday or moment in your life and you’re wondering wtf you’re doing and going a little bananas, stop and chill. Take a breath and realize you’re right where you’re meant to be and what is meant for you won’t pass you. Thanks for hanging around and enduring this list with me. Hopefully you found it even a little valuable and who knows, maybe it inspires you to make your own list of life lessons. I promise, nothing negative can come from that!