30 Things I Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Bday: Part 6/7/8


Hey friend! It’s that time again when I take a bit of a dive into the past 29 years of my life and look back at some of the lessons I’ve leant and share them with you. We’ve gone through 5 of those lessons so let’s kick off today with lesson number 6 and that would be that your best friend is probably your soul mate.

You can have multiple soul mates. But they’ll probably always be your best friends. They are the people who are always there for you, have your back and just a call away. I have found that your friends help guide you and keep you in check when you might need to be reminded of what’s important to you and how to treat your own self. It’s the most romantic platonic thing you’ve ever not realized. And it’s really beautiful when you do.

Now off the heels of that let’s roll into number 7 with date your friends. And I don’t mean this in a romantic sense. I mean this in the sense of treat your friends like you’d treat someone you are dating. Take them on friend dates, surprise them, and make them feel your love. They’re your best friend after all!

This one…number 8 was one of the most heart breaking lessons I’ve ever had to learn., and I swear that once I learnt it it’s made all my relationships since then (inclusive of friendships) much more successful. People don’t necessarily give you bad love, sometimes they just can’t give you the love you need. And just because they can’t give you the love you need doesn’t make it bad. It just means you aren’t compatible and that’s OKAY. That’s allowed. I know it’s a bit of a heartbreaking pill to swallow sometimes but at the end of the day we aren’t always meant to be with who we think we are. That’s why there’s over 7 BILLION humans on this planet. But…a gut punch none the less.