30 Things I've Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Birthday: Part 4&5


I skipped yesterday because I wanted to toss a couple lessons together and I thought that 4 and 5 were pretty prominent ones in my life and hopefully you get some value out of them too.

Lesson four was one that a girl I was dating taught me and I will be forever grateful to her for teaching me this. Try everything at least twice. Her point was that the first time is always going to be a bit weird and uncomfortable because it’s something new, whatever that may be. Perhaps it’s an experience or maybe it’s a new food that you aren’t keen on but you have to try it twice because the first time isn’t always going to be an accurate representation of how you feel about that particular thing. The fifth lesson I learnt (and learnt the hard way) was that you can’t be everything to someone. You’re going to try and burn yourself out trying but it’s impossible. You can be with someone and not be everything for them and vice versa and that’s healthy. People are allowed and NEED others to fill their cup. You cannot give someone 120% of what they need, it’s literally impossible and you’re setting yourself and those up for expecting unrealistic expectation and failure so stop doing this. It’s okay to be enough for someone in some ways and not in others, that’s just life and that is more than okay.