A New Bar Is Coming To 17th Just In Time For Summer!


YYC we are the kind of city who just loves to live our best in the summer. Picture your perfect day, it probably involves walking down 8th and scoping all the cute shops, perhaps stopping in somewhere for a little patio bevy. Let’s get real, it’s when we thrive! And I KNOW you’ve had one too many stumbles home from 17th where you have become a veteran to many of the local bars on the strip. HOWEVER there’s a new one to put in your belt notch because Porch is opening up and it is a bar that you don’t want to sleep on. It’s right between good ole Trolley 5 and Clive Burger, you know where Melrose and Royale were at one point. Or if you aren’t familiar with those spots you’ll for sure know the Pop Up bar that came and graced us with its presence last summer in that exact location. Now as you’re nodding your head in agreement and we’re on the same page about where this bar is, let me tell you a bit about it. So it looks like the restaurant is going to “truly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor dining with one epic patio” which is exactly what YYC needs because we all love a good time on the patio, especially just in time for summer which is when it is set to open. So mark your calendars for May, pay attention to the location as you walk by on 17th and make sure you don’t sleep on this new addition to 17th!