Calgary Just Broke a Record with Temperatures Reaching 23 Degrees Today

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Calgary is literally so indecisive when it comes to the weather. If you’re anything like me, Calgary’s forecast could be comparable to you when you’re trying to decide what to eat for dinner. Just literally up and down and in between with no definitive answer ever.

We luckily got more of a fall this year than we have in any recent memory that I can think of. We actually got to see the leaves and change and fall before they got covered in a foot of snow. Looking outside now, though, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that we were literally covered in snow just a little over a week ago, as we break records with today’s temperature.

I’m sure when you asked your smart speaker to fill you in on the weather this morning, or when you checked your weather app, you were surprised to see news of a high in the double digits, let alone a high that’s pushing 20 degrees on the second day of NOVEMBER. But, here we are… except this time the unpredictability of the Calgary forecast is actually working in our favor which is a nice turn of events.

Apparently it hasn’t been this warm on this day in November since all the way back in 1969 according to our man and meteorologist at CTV Calgary, Kevin Stanfield.

I mean, 23 degrees in November is always a little different than 23 degrees in July. I don’t foresee any of us jumping on the chance to float the bow river today or take a road trip out to Sylvan Lake, but it may be a perfect day to spend outside for one last time before it gets unbearable.