E-Scooters Are Back In YYC This Friday


*Guess who’s back, back again, e-scoots back, tell a friend!* That’s right, it looks like e-scooters are makin’ a come back to YYC as of Friday with a bit of a twist this time. Instead of having a copious amount of scooters roaming the streets this spring it looks like there will only be 150 e-scooters available to ride around town for safety reasons.

Now if you’re stressed about possible contamination with the scooters and the chance of spreading COVID when using them let me ease your mind. Apparently places like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have all kept their bike share programs going during the pandemic and have not had any COVID-19 transmission cases. So that’s some good news right there!

It’s lookin’ like these e-scoots won’t be cleaned after every use however (but are going to be cleaned more frequently when collected) so just make sure that you wash your hands before and after using the scooters. BYOS (bring your own sanitizer) and don’t forget to wipe the ride down with some disinfectant wipes. OH! And we all know everyone enjoys doubling up on these bad boys but to follow social distancing rules…that’s gonna be a no from YYC, dawg.

There will also be new painted areas where we can park the scooters (thank the lord because last year was just a total free for all).

So with all these new rules and what’s going on in the world, are you stoked on the e-scooters returning?