GlobalFest Is BACK, YYC!


Hey friend, it’s been a year hiatus from something that I knowww you’ve been looking very forward too and I can’t wait to tell you that GlobalFest is officially back and returning to YYC next month! We’re going to get the 5 night firework extravaganza back at Elliston Park with a couple of changes. BUT don’t worry, we still get all the unreal food vendors (inclusive of mini donuts) there but the way the teams will operate is what’s going to look different. Basically GlobalFest let us know in a press release that “with international boarders restrictions still in place, these teams will not be here to build their shows in person…instead, their pyro-musicals will be brought to fruition by local pyrotechnitions while the designers oversee it via video call.” Now I can’t imagine how hard it would be to essentially follow someone else’s blue prints and put on their show but hey, they’re gonna make it work. The festival runs for five nights between August 19 and 28th with teams competing from China, Japan, India and the Philippines. If you wanna cop your tickets now you can do so online HERE!