Harry Styles Is Returning To The Big Screen With A New Movie Called Don't Worry Darling

Harry Styles Press Image

Remember when Harry Styles was in DUNKIRK a few years ago? While his role wasn't huge people were really surprised (obvi we weren't) that he was so good!! Well he is making his return to the big screen! He will be replacing Shia Labeuf in Olivia Wildes new movie called Don't Worry Darling. Looks like Dakota Johnson, Florence POugh (if you watched Midsommar she was the main girl!) and Chris Pine in the psyhcological thriller which is set in an isolated "utopian" community in the 1950's dessert!! AHH IT'S GONNA BE SO COOL!! Apprently he is set to be a "perfect husband" with a dark secret hehehehe can't wait!!!