Babe! Check it out we have officially kicked off June, summer is upon us which means we gotta keep bringin’ the heat with another Local Feature Friday! Fresh off the heels of a brand new EP that's set to release in July, Jared Daniel is a BEAST with his vocals! His RnB vibe is so wavy and smooth. I’m gonna go ahead and say it…his track “Don’t Worry About Me” gives off some really rad Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean vibes. His music not only tells a story but makes you feel all the things and the videos that go with it always do the same. It’s so apparent that every move he makes is meticulous and thought out in depth. If you can do me a favour and go watch his video for Give It Away I promise it’s not only going to make you feel all the feels but the visuals just up the anti so hard that you truly get a gut punch to the core- did I cry at the end *cue Kanye I guess we’ll never know*

Jared is a YYC artist that once you start listening to, you won’t be able to stop. Check him out here!