Parks & Recreation Cast Is Reuniting In Character For A One Off Covid19 Special!

Parks n Rec

It's super important to have something to look forward to, generally in life! But especially in Quarantine Life! So you'll be jazzed to hear Amy Poehler announced a cast reunion for Park n Rec next Thursday!!

It's to suppoer some great initiatives for front line workers down in the States but we all know we will be able to watch it in Canada somehow!! The entire cast is coming togfether! (in character!!!) from their homes! looking forward to it!

The new episode will be set in the present day and center around the attempts of Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope to keep in touch with all her friends and colleagues as they social distance.

Aubrey Plaza shared this on her insty:

If you haven't binged the show already, you're missing out!  And I mean now you got time!