Skip The Dishes Will Continue To Deliver Through COVID – 19 But Some Things Will Change


I don’t know about you, but when things like this happen sometimes you ask super rational questions that make sense to ask, but sometimes every part of you wants to be like “HEY GOOGLE HOW MUCH SOUP DO I NEED TO SURVIVE THIS?!” You know what I mean, right? So in this midst of this crazy outbreak, a lot of questions have probably come to mind… and if you’re anything like me, one of them was very likely “will SkipTheDishes still deliver?”

I mean, you may be sitting there thinking “I could never trust anyone but me to handle my food during a time like this” which is totally completely understandable, but I mean… I can always get down with some SkipTheDishes. We’ve been waiting on emails from all of the big companies, most of which have sent out protocols on how they will continue to run amid such trying times. So, SkipTheDishes just sent on an email explaining how they’re going to go about this, as (for now) they will continue to deliver food right to our door step.

I mean, this kind of makes me wish I didn’t wait in line forever at the grocery store yesterday, but that’s beside the point. They’re still delivering, and that’s all that matters. Among a few chances, the ones that could affect you are as follows. They will from now on be doing no more cashless delivery. You have to pay by card, or you cannot order from skipthedishes, which makes TOTAL SENSE. You can also do contactless delivery (which is the best kind, right?!) by asking them to just leave it at your door if you’d like to avoid contact completely.

They obviously mentioned that they’re taking the utmost care in regard to keeping everything clean and sanitary, and all we can do at this point is trust that that is the truth.

The forecast this weekend, and also the headlines… they really do scream SKIPTHEDISHES. So, this is good news.