Starbucks Dropped A Honey Oat Latte This Week And It’s Getting Rave Reviews

star bcuks


I’ll preface this with the fact that supporting local is super important and whenever you do have the opportunity to support a smaller local coffee shop you absolutely should. If you’re a Starbucks person and find yourself on a regular basis, then you’re very likely super stoked on the fact that they’ve released some new drinks this week just in time to get a fresh start in the new year.

As we bid a very sad but also much needed farewell to the holiday season, we do the same to the Starbucks drinks that have done a lovely job at warming our hearts and minds and bodies and souls and basically the entirety of each of us as a human being over the past few months. No matter how hard life gets we’ll always have coffee. I don’t know if I stole that quote… if I did my bad LOL.

Either way, this week Starbucks released a Honey Oat Latte. If you had the chance to try their apple oat latte when it came out in the fall I’m sure you’re even more excited for this little number they’ve come out with. There have also been whispers of a Pistachio Latte and a Pistachio Frappuccino which we can only hope tastes as good as it sounds, yum!

If you do find yourself venturing out later to try one of these tasty drinks here’s a fun game to play. As long as that coffee is hot and in your hands, you are not allowed to think about any of the big bad scary stuff going on in the world right now. Deal? Just enjoy it.

Hope your day is absolutely lovely.