The New iOS 14.5 Has An App That Is A Tracking Blocker

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Hey friend! I know a lot of us get stressed out on what apps can send us for advertisement or the type of information they can take from us which is why the new iOS 14.5 app tracker feature is something I’m sure most of us are looking forward to having on our phones. This new feature is called App Tracking Transparency and is awesome because before this update, you’d have to go through a lengthy process in your settings to turn off tracking and get this kind of privacy, NOW, when the new version of iOS is installed you’ll automatically be prompted on whether you want the new app to track you. You can also go and see which apps have asked for permission to track, and from there you’ll possibly be able to reverse that permission just by going to the tracking page in your settings. So instead of a bunch of steps now it’s a much quicker process and then happens automatically with new downloads.

We already know that tons of apps don’t just pay attention to what you do inside the apps but also when you’re not in them which is how you get those pesky targeted ads to your phone while you’re on Facebook, Instagram and any other app that allows advertising. Hopefully this App Tracking Transparency app is going to alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with app tracking, especially because you can still use  the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” feature to turn off permission for all the apps you currently have as well as apps you may get in the future. Either way, guess we’ll see how this pans out in time. If you’re interested in this make sure you get the new iOS 14.5 then download App Tracking Transparency and let us know how it goes.  May the odds be ever in your favor!