There’s A Coloring Contest to Choose Colors for the Calgary Tower


A lot of people have a lot of spare time on their hands. If you’re like me, you have more than you had in recent memory at all. Here’s the thing, though. Free time when you have kids (so I’ve heard) doesn’t necessarily count as free time. Your time gets taken up by trying to come up with things to fill THEIR time with. Right? So, if this is your current situation, this is definitely something super cool to consider.

If you click HERE you will see a picture of the Calgary tower that is meant to be colored in. So you can print this off for you and your kids (or just you let’s get serious) and get to coloring. All you have to do once you’ve finished coloring is take a picture of it, upload it to Instagram or twitter and then use the hashtag #MyTowerLights. Then guess what happens if they love your drawing? THEY USE YOUR COLORS ON THE TOWER. How amazing is that?

Imagine being able to look at the Calgary Tower and tell your kid that they chose the colors that were on there. That would be a life changing piece of knowledge, and a total confidence booster let’s get serious. Like, you go on a social isolation drive and look up and the tower is lit up the exact colors that you conjured up in your head? That’s the kind of magic we all need in our lives right now.

Listen, Calgary as a city is absolutely killing it these days in regard to isolating and following the rules. The more activities we can think of to do at HOME the better, especially with the weekend being imminent.

Have fun!