TikTok Star Addison Rae Has Been Cast in the Remake of 'She's All That'


Sometimes it’s hard to fall in love with new versions of old movies.

I mean, it’s a pretty common occurrence as we get further and further away from some of the most classic films of all time, that they get remade. Whether they be critically acclaimed masterpieces, or movies we’ll remember solely because they made us laugh, sometimes it’s awesome when they do remakes.

We’ve had a couple of let downs with remakes this year, including the giant blow we felt when they cancelled the remake of the show Lizzie McGuire because of some difficulties. Little did we know, they probably would’ve cancelled it anyway because of the big monster that we’ve been referring to as COVID 19.

Either way, if you’re a fan of remakes, nostalgia, tik tok… or all of the above, you’re in luck. Addison Rae is the biggest tiktok star on the face of the app. She has over 60 million followers and the amount of people that watch her videos and send ‘likes’ her way on a daily basis is astronomical, to say the least.

If you’re anything like me, the word of her acting career is a little bit of a surprise, but either way I’m pleased to announce to you that she has just been cast in the remake of the movie we all know and love ‘She’s All That’.

It’s tough to predict with remakes whether they’re going to be even better or whether they’re going to be a little bit of a miss, but no matter what it’s something to look forward to. And you know what they always say, right? If you don’t want to watch the movie, you don’t have to.

The news about new movies coming out amidst all the madness of covid 19 is always exciting. Looking forward to this remake!