Edmonton Owner of Local 'Tokyo Express' Chain Discouraged After Multiple Break-ins


Tokyo Express is a family run business locally owned and operated here in YEG! They’ve been serving Edmontonians since 1997, with their multiple successful locations. They have unreal sushi, sashimi, ramen, (the list goes on and on). 

 It breaks my heart to have messages like this come into our Virgin Radio inbox. Owner & operator Yan Chi reached out to me earlier this week explaining the disappointment and heartbreak that the Chi family was going through. The heritage location of Tokyo Express - 10871 23 Avenue - was broken into and robbed yet again on Sunday night. 


“This is particularly devastating for the 20 years, locally-owned, family run restaurant chain, as with the current recovery from COVID pandemic, day-to-day business has, been struggling. Especially that location since that space is bigger and most of the time during this one year in pandemic, the rent has been really a huge burden.  Two months ago our main office location at 149 street got broken in as well.  During this one year in a pandemic, we got 3 break ins in total, and two are at the same location.
 The majority of our employees have been with the company for several years, and fear over the pandemic has now been amplified with this recent break-in.
 Nowadays, no business is run on cash. We do not carry cash at stores at all.  Each time they broke in our locations all they took would be some drinks or nothing.  But left us about $1000 damage to repair the doors” 


We can do better than this Edmonton, in a time where we’ve banded together to “support local” throughout a rough past year, here’s hoping we can show support for our beloved Tokyo Express!  - @mariah.mae


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