Internet Enjoys Lady Gaga’s Hunger Games-esque Inauguration Look



At Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration, the amount of celebrities and A-List artists in the (small) crowd already made it a spectacle!
There were a ton of different performances, Jennifer Lopez with a rendition of “This Land Is Your Land” and Garth Brooks’ rendition of “Amazing Grace”, there was no shortage of talent.

But the part that is making its rounds in Internet discourse: Lady Gaga’s outfit. 

It’s drawing a lot of comparisons to film franchise The Hunger Games, most likely due to her blue and red gown, braided hair and the large gold dove brooch strewn across the front.


This isn't the first time that Lady Gaga's has gone viral for looking like it's ripped from the pages of the dystopian trilogy. 


No one can deny Lady Gaga is a style icon, still looking fabulous with Hunger Games-esque clothes. 

Here's the full anthem and Lady Gaga smashing it: