New additional restrictions announced for Alberta by Jason Kenney


Jason Kenney outlined the following new restrictions for Albertans today:

- Kindergarten to Grade 12 will move to online learning while this persists for 2 weeks

- Workplaces with covid outbreaks will be mandated to close for 10 days

- All post secondary institutions to move online

- Retail services to move to 10% capacity

- Outside gatherings are now limited to 5 people

- Places of worship limited to 15 people.

- Funerals limited to 10 people

- Personal and wellness services (salons etc..) close for the next 3 weeks

- In person dining and patios will close for 3 weeks as well

- Basic fine is going from $1,000 to $2,000

- A tougher enforcement protocol for repeat offenders

- Masks are required at all indoor worksites 

For a more detailed list Jason Kenney is asking Albertans to head to