Petition for 'Pride Corner' on Specific Whyte Ave Intersection


There’s a petition being spread around Edmonton to classify one corner on Whyte Avenue “Pride Corner”.

104th Street and Whyte Avenue has become a corner synonymous with street preachers and protests, and organizers of the petition want to turn the corner into a safe space for LGBTQ2S+.

They’re hoping for the City of Edmonton to assist in getting a sign or a dedication by the City of Edmonton of that Whyte Ave corner, dedicating it to Pride and hopefully making it a safe space for LGBT and houseless youth in Edmonton. 

According to CTV Edmonton, LGBTQ2S+ advocate Doug Parsons mentioned that 45% of youth on the streets in Edmonton are Queer, and says the suicide rate of queer youth in the Whyte Ave area has gone up (eight people have passed in the last 10 months).

Parsons also mentions how damaging it can be as a youth to be kicked out of your home for your gender/sexual orientation/expression, to then be subject to the same discrimination on the streets, specifically that 104th Street corner. 
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