Visiting YEG's Accidental Beach? Know Before you Go


Accidental Beach formed in Cloverdale on the riverbank in 2017, and has been a much-loved oasis in Edmonton since. 

And since the weather is nice and hot lately, it's an obvious spot to visit!

But, since it's not technically a landmark and isn't city-regulated, it's important to know a few things to be cautious about while you're visiting. 

  1. The city advises against swimming in the water, as the water level is unpredictable (even covering the beach in the past) and could contain other debris, or have a quite strong current.
  2. The water is also not tested for levels to see if it's swimmable (as other places like lakes and regular public swimming spots would be). 
  3. There are no garbage cans around the beach, so make sure to take your rubbish when you leave!

And for the love of all that is good, SOCIAL DISTANCE when you visit!

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