You Can Watch a Broadway Performance of Hamilton From Your Home

Hamilton Trailer - Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton was like 2015-2017’s biggest thing. It felt like you couldn’t go on the internet without seeing someone tweeting about seeing it or making a Facebook status about how good the soundtrack is - but here in Canada, we didn’t get SQUAT. Broadway Across Canada was supposed to be bringing it to Edmonton this coming September but because of coronavirus that won’t be happening (it’s since been postponed to July 27th - August 15th, 2021).

But TOMORROW, Hamilton premieres on Disney+! Canada, this is OUR CHANCE! …only 5 years later but still. It’s a professionally taped performance with the original Broadway cast from 2016. Here’s the trailer:

If you’re a Disney+ subscriber, you’ll be able to watch it tomorrow - if you aren’t, you’ll need to become one to see it - there are no free trials anymore, unfortunately. Get that musical theatre goodness all up in you!