8 SUPER Easy Ways To Waste Less.. No Like REALLY EASY! 🌏♻️



Organize a Clothing Swap

Your friends ALWAYS have the best clothes right? Why not organize a Clothing Swap with your fav girls, you’ll get some cute new additions to your wardrobe & SAVE $$$! Make a night out of it with snacks & drinks!



Washable Make-up Remover Pads

I recently switched to these and HONESTLY I won’t ever be going back. Not only are they SO soft but also SO STRONG! With a little make-up remover, they took off an ENTIRE face of foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter & SMOKEY eye with one swipe! Not to mention.. GLITTER NAIL POLISH!


You can get these at the TARE SHOP downtown!



Switch to Soap Bars

I know... I know… BAR SOAP?!! But, hear me out! LUSH has some amazing soap bars that last forever and smell amazing! Plus they have reusable soap tins to keep it from getting wet!



Beeswax Wrap

I will admit; I was VERY Skeptical when it came to BEESWAX Wrap.Buttttttt…. I have a few sheets that I use on the regular now and I LOVE IT! I still have plastic wrap for somethings that may require it.. But I honestly don’t remember the last time I used it! I AM A CONVERT!



Shop in Bulk and BRING YOUR OWN JARS!

Did you know that you can bring your OWN jars and containers when you shop at The Bulk Barn???!! That means you don’t have to have A MILLION tiny bags floating around and you won’t ever buy more than you need! The Tare Shop Downtown also does this!



Reusable Water Bottles




Reusable Produce Bags

YES… you can actually buy mesh produce bags for when you’re AT the grocery store! Now.. if only we’ll remember to bring them with our other reusable bags! LOL

**Also, if you wanna take it one step further and just not put your produce in a bag at all.. Since most of us wash it before we eat it anyway!**



Take-Out... But Leave OUT The Cutlery!

Next time you order Uber Eats; in the comments ask them to leave of any single use plastics items and napkins!



YES...We CAN definitely change the world one straw or plastic fork at a time! ♻️ ♻️ ♻️ ♻️ ♻️