My Date Bailed and I Only Lost a Pound and a Half... #Tear

Megan Blog - Cottage Cheese

So, I had a date last weekend [that never happened because this guy's a bleepin' bleep, but that's besides the point.] Anyway, I decided to try a crash 3 day 'military diet' so I would look bomb on this date [that never happened.] 

Apparently, you could lose up to 10 lbs in 3 days on this diet. The YouTube tutorial I watched, dude lost 6 lbs. So, can't be terrible. Plus, it's only three days.

WELP, it wasn't any fun, the date never happened and I maybe lost a pound and a half and had to eat cottage cheese. COTTAGE CHEESE! 

So, if you want to not enjoy any of your meals and get minimal results, try this diet! 

To be real though, this 'meal plan' does help you realize how much you eat solely because you are bored. I actually did feel full at the end of my day while doing this. So, that's pretty cool!

P.S. 'Crash diets' never work.


You'r welcome.


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