The 5 Stages Of Being A Broke 20 [ahem] 30 Something in 2016... 

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A story if you will...

1. [One week before rent is due...] "OMG! That sweater is on sale, it's almost November... YOU NEED THIS! [Buys it] 

2. [Four days before rent is due...] "Damnit, you didn't get my son that premium pepperoni he likes to have in his lunch... looks like it's jam sandwiches on hamburger buns this week, thank God for Tuesday and Thursday's hot lunch program and that sweater you bought last week that your son doesn't care about..."

3. [Two days before rent is due...] "Okay, you suck at math and now you don't have enough money in your account. Time to hit up Mom and Dad and let them know how well your winning at life...." 

**Borrows [slash keeps] $100** 

4. [One day before rent is due...] Silence... because there is no money or fun to be had, but at least you have your rent pai.....

5. [DAY OF RENT] "OMFG BANK FEES... WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F&^%! IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE, DO THEY PAY LITTLE DEVIL MINIONS TO STRIKE AND EAT UP YOUR MONEY THE DAY BEFORE YOU PAY TO LIVE BECAUSE IT IS [not] FUNNY!?"  Now you have 0.59 in your account more than you need to survive another month and you are just sitting there... waiting... and praying... and waiting [and praying]... that nothing bounces.



Good luck. 

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