The worst intersections in Halifax


Let's start off by talking about the intersection on Chebucto and Windsor street. This is literally the worst intersection. This is why it is the first intersection we’d like to address in today's blog.  Not sure if you guys noticed it or not but there is a lane that goes straight and a lane that goes left but the lanes are so close to each other that when you drive up to turn left , you end up going into the lane that goes straight. This is probably the worst explanation but anyone who’s ever driven on this street knows exactly what we’re talking about. Right beside the lane that goes straight is also a bike lane, which makes the entire situation worse than what it already is. It literaly looks like all the cars are about to drive on top of each other because, there isn't enough room on the street for two cars.


Second scary intersection is the one on Quinpool and Robie. Guys this intersection is insane! So you drive up to turn left as if you’re going to the Halifax Common. The Common becomes on your left and the hospital is on your right. Anyways back to the struggles of turning. You pull up on the intersection to turn but all the cars are going at full speed and you can’t see them because they're hidden. The cars from the other side of the road are also entering the intersection to turn and you worry you’re going to crash into them. 


Over all these intersections are scary. We all have to be super cautious of our surrondings and make sure we are paying attention at all times. Be careful out there people!