A Laundry Expert has a List of Ways to Stop your Cozy Sweater from Itching


Sweater season is great, but wow is it itchy!

The struggle is real if you love big cozy sweaters! They keep you warm, they always look super cute but omgosh, they can feel terrible against your arms!!!


Kegan Kimball works at a dry cleaning service in London, England. They came up with a handful of tips to hopefully decrease the “itch factor” in our comfy sweaters.

  1. Soak in white vinegar and water
    • Kegan said if you soak the sweater for about 20 minutes, it’ll relax any of the harsh fabrics
    • Bonus, then you’ll probably crave French fries
  2. Use hair conditioner instead of fabric softener
    • Kegan said if it can calm our hair, why not calm the sweater
    • They mentioned massaging the conditioner into the sweater and then rinsing with cold water
  3. Freeze your sweater
    • Kegan said that freezing your sweater will lock the itchy fibres in place so they aren’t poking you

**I haven’t tried any of these options but am pretty intrigued by this hair conditioner one!

Let's save our poor arms together!

-Sarah Christie