Have you been using the store checkout divider wrong this whole time?


Social media is abuzz in the last week over a post by Jonesboro, AR meteorologist Ryan Vaughan.

In the post, Vaughan suggests most people have been using the conveyer belt divider at the grocery store wrong. He claims the divider should be used vertically as a spacer as opposed to horizontally.

"You need to put it long ways to trip the sensor AND keep a distance," says Vaughan. "Some of y’all use it as a privacy fence."

Of course, it caused endless debate online.

One user replied, "or that would just make the line longer because you can’t even start putting your groceries up there ahead of time and you gonna be putting groceries up there still and the cashier gonna be ready for you to put the bagged ones in your cart that’s not ready yet." They added, "you can tell you’re a single person and don’t shop for a full household."

Another person commented, "I didn't know groceries needed 6 feet of personal space."

While a grocery store worker chimed in, "I’ve worked in the grocery business for 19 years and I’ve never seen this."

What do you think?