Feel Good Vibes on Wheels! Content to get you ‘Rolling’ This Week!


We could all use some good vibes right about now! These content creators are helping cure those mid-week blues with these posts to get you ‘rolling’!

Cranberry Juice Longboarder

Whether you’ve seen this post yet or not, it’s worth another view. @DoggFace208 is just riding through town with a big ‘ol jug of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, jamming out to some Fleetwood Mac. The man is just good vibes, and has racked up over 26 million views (and counting) on TikTok!


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Mick Fleetwood's still got it!

Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac was loving this new ‘trend’ and recorded himself jamming out to the 1977 classic, ‘Dreams’. Fleetwood would also be happy to know that streams of ‘Dreams’ have increased 125% due to the viral video!


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Doggo jumps on the Trend

This English Buldog is living the ‘Dream’!


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Vancouver Skateboarder with some serious skill

Local skateboarder Spencer Hamilton posts videos of his tricks throughout the city, and this video alone has over 100k views!


Big flips

♬ DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD (feat. Young Thug) - Gunna


Toronto Rollerblader is Smooth as Silk

Alexei Morita has some serious talent! Pretty soon he’ll have to trade in the roller blades for ice skates, but in Toronto the sidewalks do get icy enough to skate on.


I need a dollar #inlineskating #skate #toronto

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TikTok bringing back the classic Roller Skates

TikToker Ana Coto is part of a new trend bringing back those classic ‘quad’ roller skates from the 80’s. This video is like Lay’s Chips, I bet you can’t just watch it once!


What? Like it’s hard?

♬ nursery - jayne

Ottawa rapper Shocks his Dad in the Car

Zach Diamond found a unique way to show his dad his new song, by tricking him! Diamond's Dad was vibing to the song too, asking “Who is this!?”, his reaction to finding out it’s his son rapping is priceless! 


his dad was feeling it ❤️ [via @zachdiamond_]

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Adding to the good vibes, Diamond now has over 1 million TikTok followers to share his music with!

These posts help remind us that no matter what comes our way, we gotta keep on ‘rolling’! Have a great week!