Victoria's Newest Cafe has a Salmon Latte on the Menu

salmon latte

You've never had a cup of coffee like this before.

Coffee culture is HUGE in Victoria and this new cafe is taking it in a surprisingly ‘fishy’ direction.

Brand new in Victoria, The Greywater Cafe is home to yyj’s first-ever salmon latte. You read that right, now you can get your caffeine fix with an added boost of omega 3’s. 

The cafe’s website describes the beverage as “Frothy milk-infused wild Sockeye, steamed to perfection with a slightly smokey aroma. With over 18 grams of protein in every cup.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salmon benny at Brunch. But fish for breakfast that you drink? This might be taking it a bit far...

The cafe describes itself as a “small team of marine baristas work tirelessly to ensure that all our ingredients are the freshest available.”

Is this the future of trendy beverages in Victoria? Fruits and flowers in hot drinks are now the norm. You can even get a latte with cheese in it. 

Sadly, because of the new restrictions, you can't sit inside The Greywater Cafe to enjoy your salmon latte. But their delivery window is now open to take your fishy drink to go! 

What’s next? Will you give this unique beverage a sip?



Shout out to Greg, James & Samantha who put in so much work to make this idea a reality. From the website, to the graphics, to the commercial we really tried to make this look as real as possible. We couldn't fool everyone, but thank you to everyone that had some fun with us this morning. 


As payback for pranking our listners, Samantha pranked us with REAL salmon lattes. Chucks and canned salmon juice and everything. Listen to us trying the lattes: