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The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball brought to you by Virgin Plus is back on Friday, December 10th live from Madison Square Garden and features a star-studded lineup.


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  • David Duchovny Calls Matt

    You might not know this, but David Duchovny has actually released 3 albums to date! His latest just dropped and he tells us exactly what Gestureland is, why he doesn't care about getting back on the cover of Rolling Stone, and what big Netflix movie he's a part of next!
  • Ludacris Calls Matt

    Ludacris has a new TV show dropping this Friday, so he called up to give us all the info on it, what makes rappers great actors, and when we can expect a new Ludacris album!
  • John Lithgow Calls Matt

    Legendary actor John Lithgow called to talk about his new book A CONFEDERACY OF DUMPTYS: Portraits of American Scoundrels in Verse, which is a great lesson in some lesser known American History! Of course while we chatted, Dexter: New Blood and Daddy's Home 3 came up!

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