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J Stevens

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People ask all the time “What’s the ‘J’ stand for?!”

…OK, that’s not entirely true. ONE person has asked and I’ll tell you the same thing I told them: “I’d rather not have this conversation until I’m properly prepared to make something up.”

In all honesty, it’s to keep away anyone I owe money to. See, I grew up in small-town Ontario not far from here. Close enough that we came to Windsor on weekends but far enough that it took moving here to realize the phonetic spelling for Pelissier is actually PULL-ISHURRR.

I like movies, music (obviously), delicious food/drink, my English Bulldog ‘Oli’ & my soon-to-be wife. Not in that order of course, I mean- unless she’s calling me by my FULL name- in which case, yeah…probably in that order.

  • No Words, Just A HUGE Thank You, London

    There's a reason we were teasing that today's #ConfessionCorner segment was a one-and-done because I'm pretty sure you can only quit your job once? I any case...while I'm excited (for my new adventure & for your time with KP) I will miss you dearly, London!
  • What's The BEST Way To Eat Spicy Food?!

    Because I'm an idiot and also because I love the team at Childcan, tomorrow night I'm doing a Hot Wings challenge to help raise some much-needed dollars to support the families of kids battling cancer. The kicker? I HAAAAAAAAAATE spicy food. Please help...or send help...or take my spot?
  • Our Wedding Planning Prayers Have Been Answered!

    The universe must have known we were freaking about wedding plans in a pandemic because this is awesome! A virtual wedding show, featuring London & area businesses answering YOUR questions...FROM HOME! I'd say this calls for a glass (or bottle) of champagne to celebrate!
  • Fly High, Little Man

    Back in September, I had the incredible privilege of introducing Londoners to Toby and (with his Mom's help) sharing his story. THEIR courage and YOUR support helped raise $10,000 for Childcan.  Today, I'm hard-pressed to find the right words but wanted to share a few more about a little boy who touched my heart & changed my life.  
  • My Lockdown Breakdown

    Unfortunately, no photos exist of me ugly crying- so a generic, smiley-faced headshot will have to suffice.
  • Doctors Say Avoid THIS TikTok Trend

    Personally, I'd rather see people FAILING a TikTok vs. NAILING a TikTok, but some influencers are trying way too "hard" to get that perfect look. Also- yes that's me, yes, there were cocktails involved and yes I fell off that counter.