J Stevens

J Stevens

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People ask all the time “What’s the ‘J’ stand for?!”

…OK, that’s not entirely true. ONE person has asked and I’ll tell you the same thing I told them: “I’d rather not have this conversation until I’m properly prepared to make something up.”

In all honesty, it’s to keep away anyone I owe money to. See, I grew up in small-town Ontario not far from here. Close enough that we came to Windsor on weekends but far enough that it took moving here to realize the phonetic spelling for Pelissier is actually PULL-ISHURRR.

I like movies, music (obviously), delicious food/drink, my English Bulldog ‘Oli’ & my soon-to-be wife. Not in that order of course, I mean- unless she’s calling me by my FULL name- in which case, yeah…probably in that order.