Keith Richards Apologizes For Saying Mick Jagger Needs Vasectomy

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has apologized for suggesting that bandmate Mick Jagger needs a vasectomy.

In an interview published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal, Richards called the Stones frontman “a randy old bastard” and added: “It’s time for the snip – you can’t be a father at that age. Those poor kids!”

Richards said in a statement: “I deeply regret the comments I made about Mick in the WSJ which were completely out of line. I have of course apologised to him in person.”

Jagger was 73 in December 2016 when his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, then 29, had their son Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. In all, Jagger has eight children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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In an interview with The Telegraph, Richards said he currently doesn’t use anything stronger than coffee and cigarettes. He said drugs these days “are very institutionalized and bland.”

The musician added: “I’m not saying I’m definitely off all of this stuff. In six months’ time, I might be on it again. But at the moment, for a couple of months, I haven’t touched it.”