Storm Watch

Cancellations in the Bathurst & Surrounding Area

To add a cancellation to the list, email Bathurst, Bounce 1049 at

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*Cancellations for Monday, Dec 6, 2021*

All school's Anglophone North & Francophone North East closed today due to pending weather

Vogue Optical, Dr. Larocque, Dr. Laliberte, Dre. Savaria closing at 1PM

Please be advised that the Co-Operators will be closing at 1PM due to the inclement weather

The office of Dre. Savoie Optometrist will close at 2PM

Dixie Lee Bathurst will close at 1:30PM today due to weather

Aube & Degrace Insurance will be closing at 1PM

Bathurst Aquatic Centre will be closed this evening due to weather

There will be no dance class tonight at Movement.Workshop due to weather conditioning