Hundreds sign letter requesting U-de-M change its name

Université de Moncton/Facebook

Hundreds of Acadians across the province have signed a letter calling on Universite de Moncton to change its name.

The school is named after the city of Moncton, which itself was named after Robert Monckton, a British military officer involved in the imprisonment and deportation of Acadians in the 1700s.

U-de-M vice chancellor, Denis Prud'homme says the school's board of governors recently decided against a new name for the school after receiving a letter asking that it be changed.

But CBC reports Prud'homme as saying the board would consider changing them name if there's "pronounced public interest" at a recent committee meeting at the Legislature.

Approximately 860 New Brunswickers have signed the letter requesting the name change.

U de M has campuses in Moncton, Shippagan, and Edmundston.

(with files from CBC)

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