Update from the Grey Bruce Health Unit for COVID-19 and Rallies

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We recognize that, at this time, people may want to gather to march and express themselves with respect to supporting efforts to address political and social issues.


The Grey Bruce Health Unit has the responsibility to identify risk associated with any public health threat, including COVID-19. We remind people that gatherings increase the risk of transmission of disease.


In light of the of COVID-19 pandemic, the Grey Bruce Health Unit recommends other virtual forms of participation such as signing petitions, donating to groups, and learning more about issues.


If you choose to participate in any local rallies, please be mindful of COVID-19. Those considering taking part in gatherings are urged to do so responsibly by taking steps to keep as safe as possible to reduce the risk of transmission:


  • If you are sick or have any symptoms, please stay home
  • Spread out; maintain physical distancing of at least two metres when possible
  • Stay outside
  • Wear a cloth face mask at all times 
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you and also wash your hands upon returning home
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Consider alternatives to yelling and shouting to avoid spreading droplets
  • Clean any materials that you carried during the march


If you are more susceptible to serious complications should you contract COVID-19 (e.g. older adult, have chronic illnesses or are immunocompromised), reconsider the need to be present in a large crowd; perhaps find alternative means to participate, such as virtually. Social media and virtual participation remain the safest ways to have your voice heard. Those living with a vulnerable person in their household, should also consider participating virtually.


As always, while COVID-19 is circulating in the community, monitor yourself for symptoms and if any symptoms develop, get tested right away.


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