B.C. nurse put patients in dining room overnight with windows open, lights off, no blankets: college

A nurse holds a tablet in this stock image from Shutterstock.

A nurse in B.C.'s Interior has been suspended for a week, prohibited from working alone and ordered to undergo "remedial ethics education" due to their treatment of patients while working the night shift.

Complaints to the BC College of Nurses and Midwives about Feizal Halim, a licensed practical nurse who works in Salmon Arm, date back to 2021. A summary of a consent resolution posted online Monday outlines some of the "practice issues" raised.

The first was how Halim responded to residents of the care home who "would not sleep or who rang their call bell frequently," the online notice says, noting Halim would direct staff to take them to the dining room.

Once there they would "open the windows, turn off the lights, not provide coffee, snacks, or a blanket," the notice says.

The second issue relates to an individual resident. Halim's behaviour is described by the college as "refusing to assist a resident with toileting and communicating with the resident inappropriately and disrespectfully."

A consent agreement, which is approved by a committee, means that both parties have agreed on both on the description of the complaint and the disciplinary action.

In addition to the suspension, limits on practice and mandatory education -- a "regulatory practice consulting program" is the final term. 

"The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the terms will protect the public," the notice concludes.