FUN: The greatest performance art piece of all time


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If you haven't been on the internet for that long there are likely hundreds and thousands of viral videos that you have never had the joy of experiencing. The good news is that they always seem to come back round again.

This latest bit of internet greatness is a new take on the classic "Appleton Wisconsin candle lady" video. If you don't know it, it was posted in 2012 by a woman who would review candles on YouTube. It's a classic pre-Karen rant. 

Ten years later a TikTok user named Britt "the local hedgewitch" proves that no one loves this video more than she does.

@the.localhedgewitch I knew that one day this would somehow come in handy #bathandbodyworks ? original sound - Britt
@the.localhedgewitch PART 2 LMAO #bathandbodyworks @Az4angela #peachbellini ? original sound - Britt
@the.localhedgewitch PART 3 ?? This is getting harder and harder LMFAO #az4angela #bathandbodyworks #@Az4angela #candles ? original sound - Britt
@the.localhedgewitch PART 4 ?? this one feels like filler episode i apologize for that #bathandbodyworks #az4angela @az4angela @Bath & Body Works ? original sound - Britt
@the.localhedgewitch PART 5 • THE FINALE ??????? @az4angela i hope i made u proud ?? #az4angela #bathandbodyworks @Bath & Body Works #appleton #jen ? original sound - Britt

Who says chivalry is dead?

@tylersaidistink2 banned at 4.4mil #fyp #funny #couple #couplegoals #relationship #relationshipgoals #couplequarrel #gentleman #disabled #wheelchair #foryou #foryoupage ? original sound - Tik Toker