Fans Have Fun Creating Drake Tracks Using A.I.


Is Quebec's classic dish poutine something Drake would rap about?

“I can smell the gravy, just drippin' through the air / The cheese curds, I can hear them cryin' out in despair / I’m ready to indulge / Cheese, curds, and fries, what a sight / Makes me wanna dance all night.”

These lyrics didn't come from the Canadian rap star, though. They were generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) via a website that allows fans to create their own Drake tracks.

The definitely-not-affiliated-with-Drake site takes suggested keywords and generates lyrics as well as recordings that can be saved or shared on social media. entered “poutine” and in less than a minute got a short Drake track about the dish.

The website comes from virtual music studio, founded by Stefán Heinrich Henriquez and Akiva Bamberger. "The premise is that everyone should be able to make songs and work as an artist," Henriquez told Forbes last year.

Check out some of the A.I. generated tracks below:

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