LOOK: Tony Hawk Got Kurt Cobain's Old Skateboard, And Used It To Prevent Suicide and Build Skatepark

hawk deck

Tony Hawk continues to be the most wholesome, kickass dude going. He recently got his hands on a skateboard that once belonged to Kurt Cobain:



And in classic Bird Man fashion, he's using this good fortune to do some very real good. 



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In an Instagram post, Hawk also mentioned that he was inspired by Kurt’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, to replicate the deck for charity:

“In order to better understand the provenance of this ‘unicorn’ skateboard that I acquired last year, I went to Seattle to get the story directly from Cameron Ross (the original owner). With inspiration from @thespacewitch [Frances Bean Cobain] and the help of @dupedupe, we are offering a photorealistic version of this deck in the form of actual skateboards, prints and stickers. We kept it real with the original Phillips shape and OG truck-holes, and added KC & JP signatures on the top graphic. All proceeds from these sales will be equally split between the Jed Foundation and The Skatepark Project in order to provide resources for those struggling with mental health, and to create more public skateparks in underserved areas. Kurt and Jeff’s influences still resonate greatly in our worlds, so we hope to honor their legacies with these unique items.”

The decks aren't cheap, but there's also stickers, and prints, with all of the proceeds going to some very worthy causes. More HERE