The Big D Energy From Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm Sunday Was Unbelievable!

Yesterday was “oh my god, jump out of your chair” territory in sports. I can’t remember a recent moment that made me feel like this and it happened in golf. The BMW Golf Championships of 2020 may go down in history as one of the most epic finishes in golf history. You had the #1 golfer in the world Dustin Johnson vs the #2 golfer in the world Jon Rahm in a battle for the BMW Golf Championship and they showed exactly why they are the best in the world. Jon Rahm finishes his tournament at -4 and he waits for Dustin Johnson to finish his round who is at -3 heading to 18. Dustin Johnson needs to make birdie to get to a playoff. The dude pulls out his massive putter that the ladies love and hits the putt of his life. 43 feet to tie. The average weekday EASILY 3 putts this. I jumped out of my chair when that shot went in. Was incredible. So off to a playoff we go. The #1 golfer in the world versus the #2 golfer in the world. Doesn’t get much better than that and these guys showed us weekend warriors why we’re donkeys on the course and they are the professionals. Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm both make it on the green in 2. Jon Rahm is 66 feet away. With the roller coaster track to get to the hole this is easily a 4 putt for us Sunday golfers who’ve had a dozen cold ones on the back 9. After watching the ball break every way possible, look what the little bastard does. It goes in the hole to win the BMW Championship! Oh…my…god. Maybe the greatest golf finish ever!