Move Kingston

  • There's A Thanksgiving Side Dish That Reid Has NEVER Tried

    We learned today that Reid's a grown man who's never tried a particularly divisive vegetable. 

  • Kendall gives us a bladder cancer update

    Back in June when we were trying to make Isabella Bush’s grade 8 grad extra special because routine ACL surgery had left her with many health problems, we called Bermuda Limousine and not only did owner Kendall Mccaugherty agree to help us, he also revealed he was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. So, we wanted to help repay him anyway we can.

    Thanks to generous donations from Kingstonians including $1800 from the Peter Carty Memorial, $2000 from the Estate of Larry Gibson, and EVERYONE, we raised $4,650 for the bladder cancer walk last weekend!!

  • Ben's Got A Pet Problem - And You Might, Too.

    This morning, we were chatting about the pros and cons of pet insurance and what the best way to pay for your pet's medical needs is.

  • Concerts return to the Kingston Pen in October

    We spoke with Moira DeMorest from KPP Concerts about the artists that will be performing at the Kingston Pen next month and the educational elements that will also be included. 


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