Upper Ottawa Valley joins CAMSafe program


The Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police, along with the City of Pembroke and Town of Petawawa have partnered with the Belleville Police Service to join the CAMSafe program.

CAMSafe is a community CCTV and video camera registry that was established by the Belleville Police Service in June of 2021. The program is now expanding into other communities across the province... Pembroke and Petawawa being the latest to join.

Residents who wish to partner with police in solving crimes in their community can go to CAMSafe.ca and register their video or doorbell cameras. Only basic details such as your name, address, and contact information, are necessary to participate. The program is voluntary, allowing participants to add or delete their information at any time. Only police have access to the information stored within the database.

CAMSafe is designed to provide a starting point for officers to obtain video footage needed to assist in an investigation. For example, when a crime occurs in your neighbourhood, an officer can log onto CAMSafe, determine who has cameras registered in the area, and request footage from them.

There is no direct access to cameras or account information through CAMSafe. It is only a directory for officers to utilize during investigations to locate the owners of potential footage. 

To help reduce crime in the community, the UOV OPP encourages Pembroke and Petawawa residents and businesses to register their cameras on CAMSafe.dot