Is Taylor Swift Making New Music?

A song was registered to ASCAP today (June 15) assigning Taylor Swift as the main performer. Does that mean she’s back in the studio? Eagle-eyed fans spotted the registration to the The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which details Anglim Andrew Cal Michael as the songwriter or songwriting team.

Some sleuthing done by one expert Swiftie has revealed the team to be “some kind of pseudonym for a songwriting team and not the actual names of the writers.”


“My crazy theory right now is that it's actually Swedish duo Mattman & Robin or someone working under them. If you look at the other songs listed at ASCAP under this name, most of them have horrendous English, there's no way this is a native English speaker. You'll also notice a little tune called ‘Cake By The Ocean (Remix)’, sound familiar? That song was co-written and produced by... Mattman & Robin.”

The song’s working title is "Had Nothin' But A Time We Never Had", which sounds like it could be a return to Swift’s country roots. After all, the “Red” singer has been spotted hanging out there recently with her new beau, actor Joe Alwyn. Previous reports hinted that Swift would return with new music later this year, and this could just be it.