Luke Bryan Talks New Album, 'Idol' Experience

Luke Bryan’s new album What Makes You Country has officially arrived.

Fans have already had a taste of the country star’s sixth full-length album – singles like "Light It Up," "Most People Are Good” and the title track. 

“You get really, really excited as you start putting some of the tracks out there online, and the fans start commenting, and you're excited that you can start playing some of these songs in your live show,” Bryan told iHeartRadio.

"It's always like falling in love all over again. You get to relive this. It's like having another child. And it's always a labour of love, and certainly putting a new album out, going out promoting it is an exciting thing. You're excited for your fans to hear new music.”

There are 15 new songs on What Makes You Country, some of which Bryan co-wrote.

“For me, it's about writing as much as I can and taking in the songs that music city in Nashville has to offer,” he explained. “And at that point, whether I write 'em or I didn't write 'em, when I hear 'em did I get emotional about it? Is it filling a slot on this album? Is it the party song slot? Is it the heart tugging slot? Is it the love song slot? So, whatever you use try to build the album and have a well-rounded album that fans can listen to from top to bottom.”

According to Bryan, fans will hear a little bit of everything on What Makes You Country – they "can go on a little emotional roller coaster ride with this one." There are more progressive songs like "Light It Up," but there are also songs that are "really, truly country” – even more country than his previous album, he admits.

"There's a little something for everybody on there. It has songs you can dance to. Slow dance, fast dance. You know, have a beer with, stuff like that. And that's how I want to make the albums, to speak the country music fans.”

The song “Most People Are Good” is reflective of the turbulent times we are currently living in. Bryan said of the track: “It's probably one of the finest songs I've ever recorded. I didn't write it, but the second I heard it, it captivated me. It was something that I felt like people always need to be reassured that there's way more good going on out there than negative.

Bryan is hitting the road on his What Makes You Country Tour and he’s also a judge on the new American Idol, alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. And although the show is still in its very early stages, so far he's having a blast.

“It would be heartbreaking if I had signed on to do it, and it was just miserable. But, it's really fun seeing new talent,” said Bryan. “It's like every time that door opens a Christmas present walks in. A new Christmas present. And you don't know if it's going to be a Play Station, or you don't know if it's going to be a knitted shirt from your grandmother.”

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