Shawn Mendes Calls Out Scammer Asking For Autograph

Shawn Mendes gives a lot of his time and energy to please his fans. So when a video surfaced Tuesday (June 13) that appeared to show the “Stitches” singer disgruntled, questioning a fan before signing an autograph for him, his fans were confused.

Mendes was worried the fan was a scammer who only wanted an autograph from the singer to resell online – a profitable business for some. The man kept asking for a signature for his sister, who wasn’t present. Mendes wasn’t having it. “Because people like you! You sell the signatures!” he can be heard saying.

“You guys know what I mean?” he says, continuing to pose with other fans. Eventually, the fan called up his sister and Mendes spoke to her on the phone, verifying she did, in fact, exist.

Mendes is currently in the midst of touring, but today (June 14) shared that he has a special project coming very soon. "Something really cool coming this weekend with @armani!" he teased on Twitter.

He also recently appeared on the U.K.’s The Graham Norton Show, where he revealed he has been enjoying a fair few pints. “I have been touring in Europe and it’s been great being able to drink,” he says in the appearance. “Going home is going to suck and I now can’t get a fake I.D. because everyone knows me!”