Stevie Nicks Calls For Stricter Gun Control In U.S.


Stevie Nicks has added her voice to the chorus of Americans calling for stricter gun control.

In a statement she posted on social media – coincidentally around the time a gunman killed four people and wounded others at an Oklahoma hospital – the 74-year-old singer called on lawmakers to make it harder to buy assault rifles.

“There is no reason to have a gun that would disintegrate a deer or a small animal if you are, indeed, an honourable hunter,” Nicks wrote. “When those guns go into the hands of obviously disturbed people, it gives them a sense of unbelievable power that they have never felt before.”

The Fleetwood Mac singer added: “Once people have felt the power of those guns, they are never the same. They are addicted. And then there is no turning back.”

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Nicks opined that it should be “really hard for them to get that gun.”

She asked her followers if they want to be “remembered as the people who finally gathered together in unity and empathy as the people who stopped” mass shootings.

Among those commending Nicks for her words is singer Vanessa Carlton, who commented: “Beautiful Stevie.”

Read Nicks' full statement below:


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