Chris Stapleton Opens Up About New Single ‘Either Way’

Chris Stapleton released his sophomore studio album From A Room: Volume 1, which follows his 2015 debut Traveller, and among the songs on the album is his brand new single "Either Way." But one thing to to know about the song, and the songs on the album in general, are that they're not exactly "new." Chris explains that they are songs that "pre-date the last record." And "Either Way" in particular was written over ten years ago.

"Either Way," is a slow song, showcasing only a guitar and Stapleton's incredible powerhouse vocals as he sings the emotional lyrics.

"Either Way" was actually featured on Lee Ann Womack's 2008 album Call Me Crazy. But what made him bring the song back for this album was his wife, along with the people he has played it for over years, have always been a big fan of the tune. 

"I wrote that song, it was more than a decade ago, and sometimes you just can't remember what happened. But, I wrote it with Ken Marvin and Tim James, and we used to write pretty regularly. Those guys were a whole lot better about having good ideas than I am. So, I'm sure that one of them had the idea, and I got to get coffee or be in the room that day. But, they're both tremendous song writers as well. So, it was a recipe for hopefully writing a good song, and we got out of there with a pretty good one I think." He adds, "My wife loves that song and has always loved that song. I find out as I play it more and more for people, the same is true for other folks."

Stapleton also explained to Bobby Bones that his band really loved the song, even through they aren't playing on this particular version. And he said of the meaning behind the track, "There's power in it, and I think there's proof in the sentiment, as hard as it is to maybe talk about with people, or hear. But, anytime I play it, or somebody listens to it, it seems to resonate with a lot of the folks in the room. Even if it's only true in the moment for them, I think that there's proof in it."

On the new album, Songs From A Room: Volume 1, Stapleton teams back up with Dave Cobb (who produced his award-winning first album) and was recorded at Nashville's famed RCA Studio A, where Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and many more music icons have recorded. 

Original article by iHeartRadio